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Lat Lon Dim Type Size Region Globe Name
32.28233-83.46901Hawkinsville City Hall-Auditorium
32.28444-83.46694Hawkinsville Commercial and Industrial Historic District
32.27869-83.47348Hawkinsville Public School
32.27880-83.46780Merritt-Ragan House
32.28295-83.46902Pulaski County Courthouse
32.28625-83.47082St. Thomas African Methodist Episcopal Church
32.27545-83.47157Taylor Hall
32.28295-83.46902landmarkUS-GAPulaski County Courthouse (Georgia)
32.28996-83.47318eduPulaski County School District
32.28625-83.47082landmarkUS-GASt. Thomas African Methodist Episcopal Church
32.27545-83.47157landmarkUS-GATaylor Hall (Hawkinsville, Georgia)
32.28377-83.47212[empty string]
32.28361-83.47667cityUSHawkinsville, Georgia
32.28233-83.46901landmarkUS-GAHawkinsville Opera House
32.28444-83.46694landmarkUS-GAHawkinsville Commercial and Industrial Historic District
32.28361-83.47667List of county seats in Georgia (U.S. state)
32.27880-83.46780landmarkUS-GAMerritt-Ragan House