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On December 13, many ToolForge tools stopped working as user tables are eliminated. -page:
Information or features may not work in HTML mode.
-cat:             Work on pages in a specific category

-headlinks:       Works on all links that are in heading tags (== [[link]] ==)

-links:           Works on all links on the given page

-new              Works on the 10 newest pages

-page:            name of the page you want to work on

-prefixindex:     Works on all pages with the given prefix

-ref:             Work on all pages linking to the given page



-weblink:        Works on all pages with the given external link

    -test          Test the routines used for regession testing

    -namespace:n   Number or name of namespace to process. The parameter can be
                   more than one to add additional namespaces

commonfixes applied fixes which are general and specific to the English Wikipedia